Hospitals and other types of Health Care institutions produces growing constant volumes of defined “redlisted” Hazardous Waste.

Of the total Hospital Waste volumes generally growing shares (40-60%) of the total waste are contaminated and should be sterilized. Therefore the Health Care Sector needs to increase the waste process decontamination capacities. If you are running all waste through the Ozonator you can solve all these problems combined with up to 90 % volume reduction.

Hospitals are in general covering rapidly increasing costs for the waste internal and external logistics and fees to waste service providers. Excessive use of packaging material is a result of the traditional management as well as unnecessary high frequency of transports, sometimes with long distance haulage.

A growing problem that the Ozonator can solve is the emissions of dangerous substances that is leaking out from existing waste handling without the Ozonator.

The models of the Ozonator covers various capacities from 10 – 1200 kg per hour.

Our turnkey Ozonator implementations are optimally customized to each customers unique needs and conditions like logistics etc.

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