• to solve waste environmental problems in an sustainable way ?
  • to reduce hazardous and general waste volumes with 90 % ?
  • to sterilize your hazardous waste with Ozone (O3) in a closed ambiant temperature process without any emissions at all ?
  • to stop spreading of hazardous waste substances in waste processing and transports ?
  • to reduce the total waste handling costs and transportation costs dramatically ?
  • to reduce energy consumptions dramatically ?
  • to prepare for optimal waste to energy conversion or create recyclability ?
  • to install an easy to use and complete safe waste treatment process ?

Then you should choose the awarded Ozonator Technology for your waste treatments !

BBD OZONATOR is your turnkey provider of the Technology Awarded and well proven Ozonator solutions. Currently we are offering two Ozonator machine systems; one large capacity and one medium capacity.

Ask us and we will solve your waste handling problems with highest ROI.